Candice Germain


Candice Germain 

Vice President, Executive Risk Group

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

New York, NY

Age: 34



Candice Germain learned the concept of “adding value” as a junior broker at Marsh & McLennan Cos. “One of my mentors at Marsh taught me to think of myself as the CEO of my own company and to always think of how I can add value to any team I am working on,” she says. That advice resonated with Germain, a graduate of Quinnipac University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She applied it to other areas of her professional life, adding value to her career in the process. 


Germain also learned the value of expertise. “It’s important for people to associate you with a specific skill. I want people to think of Candice Germain as a technical expert in management liability and cyber insurance,” she notes. She recently was appointed secretary of the board for the National African-American Insurance Association, thanks to her penchant for, and success in, adding value. She is using that position to pay forward the mentoring and recognition she received from others. “Through NAAIA, I am proud to help young people and newcomers to the industry. This June, I will facilitate a course on cyber insurance. I’m offering it to members and nonmembers for recruitment purposes,” she explains. 


Today, a newly promoted vice president in the Executive Risk Division at Alliant Insurance Services Inc., Germain is enjoying a career milestone. “It’s been a goal of mine for quite some time. I have more responsibility that includes handling a larger and more complex book of business,” she ­says.   


An avid traveler with a college-bound son she deems her greatest motivator, Germain was most impressed by South Africa. “I loved seeing firsthand the legacy of Mandela, one of the great moral and political leaders of our time, and the change he brought to the lives of the people of South Africa