Valerie Gammon Named Head of Cultural Affairs at Miramar

Valerie GammonValerie Gammon, a longtime television executive, was named director of cultural affairs of Miramar Regional Park in Broward County, Florida. In her new role, she will head up Miramar’s new entertainment complex expected to break ground in October 2014.

“Valerie comes to us with an extensive background in business development and media management along with a wealth of arts and entertainment experience.? As an award-winning executive, we look forward to having her cultivating Miramar’s brand and develop new partnerships locally, nationally and globally,” says Chief of Marketing and Public Relations, Natasha Hampton.

Over her many years in the entertainment industry, Gammon has worked for numerous top companies such as Essence Communications, BET, FOX-TV, Time Warner and more.? ?

Upon her appointment, Gammon released the following statement, ?I am sincerely honored to be a Director in this prestigious position helping to lead the City’s enhanced commitment to arts, culture and entertainment. Few cities, worldwide, have a phenomenal Cultural Arts facility, as well as an entertainment complex like the one soon-to-be built at Miramar Regional Park. Together they will place the City of Miramar in a class by itself and garner local, national and international attention.??