Singer John Legend Uses Star Power to Promote Voting Rights

Photo of John Legend with flags of the USA on both sides of himGrammy award-winning singer John Legend is using his voice for activism. Recently, he signed on to partner with the NAACP in the fight to promote voting rights across the country. At his last concert in Durham, North Carolina, Legend asked fans to take a stand by texting ?LEGEND? to 62227.

?It is maddening to know that there are some who would enact legislation that limits the ability of some Americans to exercise their right to vote,?
said Legend ?Generations have fought hard and even died for this right, and now is not the time for our country to move backwards. ?All of our leaders should seek to have inclusive elections?that reflect the true will of the people, no matter who they intend to vote for. ?The politics of exclusion are unacceptable. ?It’s time for all of us who believe in democracy and equal rights to take a stand.?

Interim NAACP President Lorraine C. Miller released the following statement about the partnership: ?We are excited that John Legend has joined with the NAACP in the fight to defend the right to vote. His influence as a world-renowned artist and activist will be a catalyst to spread the word that it is not enough just to exercise your right to vote. We must also protect our right to vote for future generations.?

In July 2013, the Supreme Court invalidated a portion of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act that defines which states with a history of voter discrimination must receive federal approval before changing election laws.

Legend says he will continue to raise awareness at upcoming concerts.

On the North Carolina launch, Reverend William Barber, President, NAACP North Carolina State Conference, stated, ?Launching in North Carolina, a state feeling the brunt of new restrictive and discriminatory election laws, will set the tone for concert goers across the country in states where some of the most egregious law changes have been introduced or implemented. As in the past once again we need the melodies of freedom and justice to inspire movement.?