Shadan Deleveaux


Shadan Deleveaux 

Sales Staffing Recruiter


Mountain View, CA

Age: 38



In Jamaica, West Indies, the term “don’t-care-donkey” describes an individual who refuses to be told what to do. For Shadan Deleveaux, stubbornness morphed into tenacity and grit. “My parents, whose own stubbornness only multiplied in me, made me twice as determined to prove every single naysayer wrong,” he says.


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at the University of Rochester, rather than contemplate the origins of the universe, Deleveaux turned to a career in business, strategically laying the groundwork for doing so. “I majored in philosophy because I like the way that it trained me to think critically and creatively. But I always knew I’d go into business,” he explains. “I spent my middle school summers working in my dad’s corner store and my high school summers in internships at companies like Putnam Investment Co. and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office doing complaint mediation. In college, I joined INROADS and spent my summers at BankBoston in the Equipment Leasing Division. So when I graduated, I’d already had a tremendous amount of business experience to speak to.” 


Deleveaux was the first in his family to graduate from college. As a Google recruiter, he is also charged with developing and executing a global diversity innovation strategy to recruit sales people for one of Google’s sales organizations. Privately, he co-founded the nonprofit Technology for Families in Need Inc. (TechF.I.N.), aimed at closing the digital divide for low-income families. He is passionate about helping talented people find success in corporate America and often leads career workshops for students and young professionals in his spare time.


Deleveaux is an avid traveler and photographer. A gamer at heart, however, he unwinds with a classic throwback. “Ms. Pac-Man makes the stress of a difficult meeting melt away,” he says, adding, “I don’t know what I’d do in a world without Netflix.”