Rachel A. Ramsay-Lowe Esq.

40 Under Forty 2018

Rachel A. Ramsay-Lowe Esq.
Associate Attorney
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Colemen and Goggin P.C.
Roseland, New Jersey
Age: 38

Raised in Port Charlotte, Fla., by her Jamaican grandmother, Rachel A. Ramsay-Lowe learned that hard work is the way to achieve whatever she wanted. She also learned to face her fears and use them as motivation to succeed. Ramsay-Lowe leaned on those lessons to obtain a law degree from Western Michigan University, become assistant D.A. in the Brooklyn District Attorney?s Office (New York), start a nonprofit organization, embark on a life dedicated to fitness and achieve her current position as associate attorney at Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman and Goggin P.C.

Ramsay-Lowe teaches Zumba fitness and confesses that she was a ?really overweight? child. ?One day I was just like, ?I cannot do this to myself anymore,?? she says. She started working out in college and became addicted. She cofounded Jer Z-SWAG, an organization of fitness instructors dedicated to giving back to the community. Jer Z-SWAG has raised thousands of dollars mostly for breast cancer awareness. Some funds go to Camp Trek, a recreational and social camp for survivors of brain injuries and their caregivers.

Ramsay-Lowe fell in love with musical theater as a little girl and majored in the field at Stetson University. ?I just loved the songs from ?Phantom of the Opera? and ?Les Miserables? in particular. I started to sing more and my love of music led me to become a voice major. Just going back to being in a place of worship and things like that, music brings me joy. I still love music, I just took a different turn as I got older.? Past failures give her the strength to persevere and prayer keeps her focused and grounded. ?Every time I failed or didn?t accomplish something, I always use those experiences to move me forward,? she states.


Countries visited: Spain, France
Last Movie:?Black Panther
Favorite book: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins