Meet Larry Wilmore: Comedy Central’s New Host

Larry WilmoreLarry Wilmore, The Daily Show?s ?Senior Black Correspondent,? will be getting a show of his very own. The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore will air during Stephen Colbert?s old timeslot when Colbert takes over for Letterman on The Late Show in 2015. According to Comedy Central, Minority Report, created by Jon Stewart, will aim to bring some much-needed non-white voices onto the late night scene: expect ?a comedic look at news, current events and pop culture from unique perspectives not typically on display in late night television.?

For fans who?ve been watching Wilmore?s Daily Show work since he joined the cast in 2006 (he came on when Colbert left to launch The Colbert Report), it will be interesting to see how Wilmore expands on his TV persona when he?s the one carrying an entire show. He doesn?t have the wildly expressive face and octave-leaping voice of Stewart, the manic, British-fish-out-of-the-pond-water energy of Oliver, or the deliberately throwback song-and-dance charm of Colbert. Wilmore?s delivery is more like a parent growing ever more exhausted with the ridiculous, irrational antics of his child: exasperation building on itself until, by the end of the bit, it explodes.

Wilmore has plenty of writing and production chops: he co-created The PJs alongside Eddie Murphy and The Bernie Mac Show, and he?s written for In Living Color, The Jamie Foxx Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. co-created the Bernie Mac Show and The PJs. He was also a consulting producer on The Office (yes, he?s the guy from ?Diversity Day?). His book, I?d Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts, was released in 2009, and he was showrunner and executive producer of Black-ish, a new ABC sitcom that just got picked up to series. Despite the all this comedy cred, Wilmore told The New York Times he wasn?t expecting to get a gig like this. ?I really thought the window was closed? And usually there?s a certain age you have to be.? Wilmore, 52, is three years older than Stephen Colbert and only one year older than Jon Stewart (though of course they were all much younger when they first sat down at the desks they hold now.) For a more telling contrast, John Oliver, host of the just-premiered Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on HBO, is only 37 years old.

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