Black magazines

About ?Time Magazine
Devoted to covering topics on art, politics and people from an African-American perspective. ?About ?Time Magazine? also offers advice and commentary on relevant cultural issues.



african american magazines

African-American Golfer’s Digest
A publication for African-American fans of golf. ?African-American Golfer’s Digest? covers subjects on golf and golf-related content, including interviews, profiles, tips, events and reviews.


American Legacy Magazine
?American Legacy Magazine?
was founded 16 years ago and is the only magazine in the U.S. that
focuses solely on African-American culture, legacy and history.



Black magazines

Black Bride & Groom Magazine
multicultural publication dedicated to sharing tips and stories about
wedding experiences, themes, trends, honeymoons, and pre/post-marriage


Black Enterprise Magazine
resource for African-American entrepreneurs providing business
information and advice pertaining to subjects of interest to the
self-employed, small business owners and people in corporate America.

Black MBA Magazine
official magazine of the National Black MBA Association, an
organization that works toward developing partnerships to promote
economic and intellectual wealth in the black community.

Cuisine Noir Magazine
food and wine magazine for African-Americans that provides recipes,
dining out tips, wine reviews, travel features, and an etiquette section
covering situations from the theater to the gym.

Decisive Magazine
award-winning publication from the publishers of Urban Wheel Awards,
?Decisive Magazine? provides cultural and consumer news for
African-Americans. Topics include automotive purchasing tips, how-to
articles and product comparisons.

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education Magazine
publication dedicated to providing insight on the effects of higher
education concerns on African-American, Asian-American, Native-American
and Latinos working in higher education. The magazine covers the
Department of Education and higher education policy, news, profiles,
grants, and editorials by faculty members.

DiversityInc Magazine
information on diversity management, such as how to create equality in
employee, partner and customer relationships regardless of race, gender,
age, and disability.

Ebony Magazine
news and insight on Black-American culture, including a variety of
perspectives from leaders, celebrities, trendsetters and great minds
from the African-American community.


Essence Magazine

toward African-American women, Essence is a lifestyle magazine covering
fashion, celebrities, relationships, news, and personal growth.


Family Digest Magazine
relationship and parenting magazine for African-American couples and
families. Offers advice and tips on topics from building relationships
to healthy living.


Giant Magazine
celebrity interviews, news about cultural events, style features,
travel tips, and wacky news of interest to the African-American

Gospel Truth Magazine
A lifestyle magazine providing information on gospel music, national and international news, entertainment and business. ?Gospel Truth Magazine? also covers black history and publishes exclusive interviews.

Harlem World Magazine
magazine for residents of East Harlem, Central Harlem, Harlem Heights,
Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, Morningside Park,
and Mount Morris Park. The magazine covers news about the community,
including clubs, businesses and religious institutions, as well as arts,
travel, food, film, and shopping.

HBCU Connect – The Magazine
a chance for networking and finding educational and professional
opportunities for the academic community and alumni of historically
black colleges and universities.

Heart and Soul Magazine
A publication for African-American women providing guidance and news on family, health, wealth, and happiness. ?Heart and Soul Magazine? is a unique publication aimed at promoting the whole woman.

Hip Hop Weekly
everything related to hip hop culture, including music features, news,
gossip, fashion, sports and celebrity lifestyles. Aimed at young adults.

Journey to Wellness Magazine
online health and wellness magazine providing beneficial and credible
information for African-Americans on conditions like cancer, obesity and
heart disease.

King Magazine
Lifestyle magazine for men covering sports, women and video games. ?King Magazine? and their website have features such as Web Girl of the Week, King TV and contests.

Monarch Magazine
business and style magazine marketed to affluent African-Americans.
Promotes empowerment and achievement covering topics such as events,
culture and profiles of successful individuals.

NV Magazine
Primarily a business magazine covering finance, technology, politics, and success strategies for urban professionals. ?NV Magazine? is linked to NVTV and the annual NV Awards.


Real Health Magazine
guide to wellness for African-Americans. Covers fitness, politics,
preventative health, cooking, nutrition, hair health, and current news
related to health issues on a national and international level.

Sister 2 Sister Magazine
black entertainment and lifestyle magazine serving women with
information on a variety of subjects, such as self-improvement, health,
politics, pop culture, up-and-coming stars, celebrity interviews, and

Target Market News Magazine
magazine covering marketing, business and advertising to black
consumers. Features reports on public relations, statistics and business

The Black Collegian Magazine
to more than 800 campuses nationwide, ?The Black Collegian Magazine?
provided information for African-American students about study abroad
programs, internships, job opportunities, careers and graduate school.
The publication was rebranded as ?Diversity Employers Magazine? in 2011.

The Crisis Magazine
official publication of the National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People, ?The Crisis Magazine? provides analysis and opinions on
African-American culture, history and politics, as well as human

The Green Magazine
?The Green Magazine? is
a lifestyle publication with content for golf enthusiasts covering
topics such as golfing holidays, courses of the month, travel, gifts,
wine, and celebrities.


african american magazine

The Network Journal
publication with targeted content for black professionals. Covers
business growth, career and industry trends, technology, personal
finance, health, and entertainment.

The Source Magazine
magazine dedicated to hip-hop culture and the music industry. Includes
celebrity interviews, music news and reviews, sports, culture, current
events, politics and business.

Today’s Black Woman Magazine
everything style-related of interest to African-American women,
including celebrity style, designers, shoes, accessories, hair styles,
skin and nail care, makeup, and culture.

Upscale Magazine
success-driven lifestyle publication for African-Americans, covering
home, style, entertainment, travel, beauty, money, health, and

Vibe Magazine
A premier hip hop culture magazine covering music, movies, television, current events, celebrities, and culture. ?Vibe Magazine? is one of the best known publications for African-Americans.

Virtue Today Magazine
Aimed at modern women, the magazine covers business, history, health, style, celebrities, and inspiration. ?Virtue Today Magazine? is a quarterly publication to empower African-American women.

XXL Magazine
hip-hop culture magazine providing information about celebrity
lifestyles, news, music, reviews, and interviews. The magazine is
closely linked to the ?XXL Magazine? website, which features music
videos and interviews.

Young Urban Viewz
Dedicated to increasing social awareness and self-esteem in young adults. ?Young Urban Viewz? covers topics like style, health and career development.