Vital to the self-discovery of every African American youth is the
African American history and culture. Black history teaches all of our
children, black, white, yellow, red, etc., that history has its
importance and place and learning from it helps us to not repeat it. The
following is a list of websites and places that teach the value of
learning African American and Black history.

African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation and Museum

the Union Army during the Civil War found themselves short on men,
African American males were promised their freedom and a small parcel of
land in trade for their military service to the government that still,
in part, viewed them as property to be returned to their masters. This
honors the sacrifice they made.


African Ancestry
American history is difficult to trace, given the lack of records kept
by slave traders and owners in early American history. However, what
ancestry that can be traced, is, and a whole new approach of using DNA
helps African Americans trace their roots to their country of origin in

vital part in tracing African American history, this site helps find
the first recorded ancestor of each family here in America and what
slave owner held them. In conjunction with the above website, a clearer
picture of family geneaology takes shape.


African American Labor History Many distasteful work practices took
place until the “equal rights for all” movement changed the way African
Americans were employed and treated by potential employers. Old articles
from newspapers by the thousands are available for researchers and the
curious in general.

American Legacy Magazine
American history is explored and relished with pride through stories of
struggles and personal triumphs here in America. A closer look at the
African American culture, past and present, and the changes it has
undergone through the ages makes this magazine a fantastic read.

America’s Black Holocaust Museum
elimination or complete suppression by another race is the definition
that defines the Black Holocaust Museum. A serious eye-opening guided
tour is available for a small fee, which supports the ongoing exhibits
of the museum itself. Once you’ve visited, you will not be able to walk
away without making a small donation; it’s that powerful.

Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)
adeqate novel of black history, piece of fiction, or non-fiction can be
written without first consulting the Black History resources that are
archived here. For the realist or the researcher, this site is an
absolute must have.

Association for Black Culture Centers (ABCC)
negativity and negative events and turning them for good is the purpose
of this organization. It’s also their purpose to develop centers
country wide that re-instill African American pride in every individual.

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

that is anything of importance to African American/Black history,
culture and life is shared globally and internationally in order to
bring about greater social change in places that Blacks might still be
oppressed or ill-treated.

Black CouTours
exciting way to learn Black history is to experience it by visiting
some of the historical places that altered the future for generations to
come. This travel agency plots out your tour stop by stop for an
in-depth view of African American history.

Black Heritage Foundation
supporters and promotors of positive role models for the young African
American community, this charity donates its time and money to make sure
African American children feel like they can accomplish anything they
set their mind to.

Black Heritage Society (BHS)
This organization preserves and enhances the cultural, educational, social, and economical advancement of Black America.
online encyclopedia outlining African American history and culture
through people, places, terms, organizations and more. An excellent
addition to Encyclopedia Britannica of Black History, this is a perfect
reference tool for papers. This site also allows users to interact with
others through a social networking platform.

not found anywhere else on Black History, including rare footage and
speeches made by famous African Americans throughout history, can be
found here.

Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia

Statewide resource on the many facets of Black history through exhibitions, discussions and celebrations.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Located in Detroit, this is the largest museum in the midwest for African American historical events and information.

Discover Black Heritage
complete travel guide for international visitors to learn about the
slave trade and eventual freedom and contributions of Blacks in our

Encyclopedia Britannica’s Guide to Black History
for their vast databank of everything you can possibly squeeze into an
Encyclopedia, this set brings us everything related to Black hisory; a
vital reference source for paper writing.

Idaho Black History Museum

rare contribution to African American history as it pertains to the
development of Idaho and Midwest and Central states, this museum is
worth a peek when on vacation in the Idaho area.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

the life and work of MLK by leading a collaborative funding, design,
and construction process in the creation of a memorial to honor his
national and international contributions to world peace through
non-violent social change.

Museum of African American History
is the biggest museum in the country. It prides itself on the
preservation, documentation, and interpreting all thiings Black history.

National Great Blacks In Wax Museum
reproductions in wax of Black History greats such as George Washington
Carver and Daniel Webster bring Black history to life.

National Visionary Leadership Project
the importance of oral history and its recording through African
American elders and their mentoring of youth, this site contributes to
the importance of knowing the past

PBS African American Lives
of watching “Kunte Kinte”, this documentary series examines the many
famous African Americans that made significant contributions throughout

The History Makers
the single largest archival project of its kind in the world,
outdistancing the existing video oral history collections of New York’s
Schomburg Library and the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum.

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

This charity recognizes and gives top commendations to the Blacks that served in the military and airforce during WWII.

White House African American History Recognition
The President presents a speech to the African American culture in America as a token of his recognition of Black History Month.