Ken Chenault Joins Airbnb’s Board of Directors

(Former American Express President and CEO)

Ken Chenault, former president and CEO of American Express, has joined the board of directors at Airbnb. The move marks the second board membership announced for Chenault in recent months.

Last month it was reported that Chenault also joined the board at Facebook.

?Airbnb is built on trust,? Airbnb?s chief executive, Brian Chesky, wrote of the move. ?As the C.E.O. of American Express, Ken has built one of the most successful trust-based companies in the world.?

Chenault’s membership to the board marks the first time the company named an independent board member, which by many accounts, signals an IPO. Airbnb, one of the biggest privately held companies, could likely follow in Dropbox and Spotify’s footsteps, both of which recently filed IPOs.