Jacquie Lee: Always in the Mix

Jackie Lee branding expertJacquie Lee puts the busy in busy. She just wrapped a successful stint as Strategic Partnerships and New Business Development Consultant via Front Row Productions for the most recent Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire, where she utilized social media platforms to not only maximize publicity for the all-Black production of?the Tennessee Williams classic play, but to also help diversify the branding of the play?s corporate sponsors. Now, the marketing visionary and brand strategist has just embarked on a whole new venture.

?I’ve been brought on board to support L.A. Reid’s Urban Development/Epic Records team in bringing in strategic alliances for their roster,? reveals Lee, founder of Jacquie Lee International. ?I will be reporting directly to Benny Pough EVP of?Urban Development. Epic has over 89 artists in their portfolio and Reid is highly-acclaimed for breaking acts. He has an innate ability to build an elite group of creative people. So, my role is to position Epic Records as the destination for creative content and lifestyle experiences for corporations to consider when it comes to accelerating their brand message.? LA Reid, for those who haven?t listened to music in the last 50 years, is known for turning the following artists into recording stars: Avril Lavigne, Death Grips, Mariah Carey, Pink, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kanye West, Toni Braxton, Kerli, Nicki Minaj, TLC, Usher, Ciara and OutKast.

Lee says there are challenges in today?s business world, especially for women. ?Obstacles I see for women are the constant need of having to prove their skills in order to gain the financial means that’s reflective of their skill set as opposed to their male counterparts who are given the chance at their initial asking price. Tenacity and fortitude are the attributes required for today’s women. It’s essential for women to have a clear vision on what they’re seeking to gain and/or accomplish as they build their business,? she offers, but adds that women have hidden strengths. ?Today’s culture is socially driven by technology which has removed the ‘human factor’ in many situations. Women bring a sense of balance plus a nurturing spirit to the business environment. Women should have a clear vision in place as a stake hold to establish what they will and will not tolerate in order to accomplish the dream. It’s essential to temper the dynamics?with a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty among subordinates and colleagues in order to drive the business. This resilience will sustain today’s women in business.?

As far as being an African American woman in business, Lee says, ?I no longer hold the race card as an obstacle at this crossroads in my career. Racism as far as race and gender still exist but my tenure has placed me in an area that has given me the wisdom to know that in today’s world I have options,? she explains. ?I no longer have to tolerate the behaviors that are against my values and principles and I choose who I want to work with. That’s how I will always overcome.??