BMOT Selects New Director of African American Market

linville johnsonObie Wilchombe, minister of tourism for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT), announced recently the appointment of Linville Johnson, to the position of director of the African-American Market.? The new appointment, which became effective July 1, 2014, is part of the BMOT’s leadership restructuring, new marketing strategy and commitment to increasing its support and visibility in the African-American market.

According to Johnson, “More than a trillion dollars is generated annually from the African-American market and for decades, The Bahamas has always enjoyed a fantastic relationship with African-Americans.? Our geographical location, as the first country outside of the United States of America, our easy access, affordability, pre-American Customs and Immigration clearances, coupled with our shared affinity for heritage tourism and culture makes us an ideal destination for African-Americans.”

“The world knows that The Bahamas has great weather, the best beaches, crystal clear waters and the friendliest people on earth, but we want to highlight and celebrate our rich culture, legacy and historical ties that bind African-Americans and Bahamians together, all of which makes us distinctively different from any other destination in the world,” said Johnson.

“From mid 1700’s shared slavery linkages of the Gullah Geeche Tribe in the Carolinas’s and South Georgia to the building up of Coconut Grove and Miami, Florida by Bahamians, to the tranquil waters in Bimini, Bahamas where American civil rights leader the late great Martin Luther King penned his now famous “I Have A Dream” speech, The Bahamas and African-Americans share a proud heritage.? We want to ensure that our legacies are kept alive, celebrated and experienced by both our citizenry,” concluded Johnson.

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