Your Next Career Should Meet your Personal and Professional Goals

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An early September poll from Monster shows that candidates are optimistic about the jobs market moving forward. In fact, 90% of respondents said they’re ready to reassess and reflect on their goals at this point in the year, and 64% said searching for a new job is at the top of their to-do list.

When I read those statistics, I immediately wondered: If you’re someone considering a job reset, how can you make sure your next career move is one that will meet your personal as well as your professional goals?

Keeping the right fit top of mind will help ensure your values and the company’s values align, according to Monster career expert Vicki Salemi, who notes that the “right fit” can encompass many things: job responsibilities, title, salary, room for growth, company culture, employee benefits, perks, camaraderie and relationships with your potential boss and colleagues, the commute and/or ability to work remotely among them.

Outlining goals and prioritizing what you need most, then conducting what Salemi calls “copious research on employers” before you begin the job search are other important steps.

“For instance, if the job seeker needs more balance between their personal and professional lives and wants to work from home a few days each week and in an office the remaining days, this should be a priority in their must-haves for their next job — and they must remain steadfast during their job search to ensure the new role meets this requirement,” she says. “[Then] leverage the interview as an opportunity to interview employers the same way the employer is interviewing them.”

According to Monster’s Jobs & Hiring Report: Trends for Fall 2020, these are three questions you might consider asking in your next job interview — particularly if you are concerned about the safety of the workplace and/or if working remotely is important to you:

— Have you needed to alter the workspace to make it easier to maintain proper distance?
— Have many people returned to the office full-time or is telecommuting more the norm right now?
— Have you found your current work from home/flex time policies to be successful?
If you’re one of the myriad people considering a job switch soon, looking at job categories that are poised to grow is a good place to start. Monster’s Jobs & Hiring Report: Trends for Fall 2020 shows the following jobs demonstrated consistent growth from June to August 2020 and are predicted to offer the best opportunities through the end of the year.

— barber/cosmetologist
— insurance underwriter
— laboratory technician
— loan processor
— medial biller
— personal care aide
— pet care worker
— quality inspector
— registered nurse
— warehouse worker
— web developer


(Article written by Kathleen Furore)