Founder & CEO
SkySpace Global
Chicago, IL

Tiffany S. Chism Okirika’s road to success as an entrepreneur was neither straight nor smooth. “I’ve failed many times and it took time to understand that I needed to in order to learn from those very moments,” she confesses. She adds, “I think experiences and life come full circle. Every moment that I’ve learned from I’ve had to apply in current areas of my career path and success.”

Okirika is the CEO of SkySpace Global, a marketing technology firm she launched in 2018 after a decade of experience in the field. As the firm’s digital marketing leader, she commands an army of tech consultants – she describes them as “among the most knowledgeable in their field” – to enable and support the execution and automation of marketing and campaign strategies. To date, SkySpace Global has served some of the world’s largest and most recognized corporate entities, including USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport.

Okirika received a bachelor’s degree in marketing principles from DePaul University and set out as a sports and news media and digital marketing writer before pivoting to tech. She mentors women and high school and college students, often citing a personal experience to encourage them to hold fast to their goals or dreams. “I was a young first-time mother.

I typically share this as a woman because it helps inspire others who may have had the same path and wanted to give up,” she says. Her own mother taught her how to be independent, make strong family connections, and set goals to become a strong woman. Her spouse is her number one supporter and teammate. “With three girls, accomplishing home and work life would be next to near impossible.”

Okirika was shortlisted for the “We Are Tech Women 100’s Entrepreneur of the Year” award for 2018-2019.