Angelique A. David, J.D.

Angelique A. David

Executive Managing Director
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Chicago, IL

Angelique A. David shattered numerous gender and color glass ceilings in her career but she refuses to stop there. “Being the first woman and or minority to have a seat in many rooms or roles of influence is not enough. I am dedicated to ensuring that I am not the last and do not sit in those rooms alone,” she asserts.

David is the executive managing director, chief operating officer and general counsel for Ziegler, a nationwide private investment bank, responsible for all human capital, ethics, cybersecurity programs, diversity and inclusion, and regulatory affairs, as well as all corporate governance and brand identity activities. She also serves on its board. She previously practiced law at Locke Lord Bissell and Liddell, LLP, specializing in investment management and banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and general corporate law. She is a recognized leader in the securities industry and legal community.

More important than her professional titles and recognition, she states, “I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. I am a believer that professional success starts at home,” and adds, “Setting an example and opening doors for my children and the next generation is what has always ignited the fire in my belly to achieve the success that I have enjoyed to date.”

David founded Just 4 GirlFriends, LLC, to build a sisterhood and help women embrace self-care. “Women are often so busy taking care of everyone and everything, that we forget to take care of themselves. Self-care is not selfish, it is a part of healthy living,”

She has held numerous board positions and currently chairs the Board of Directors of the Bond Dealers of America and the board of the Chicago State Foundation. She graduated magna cum laude from Case Western Reserve University, and is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law.