Steve Pamon

V. P., Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Home Box Office
New York City. Age: 35

For Steve Pamon, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships with Home Box Office, success is measured more by impact than achievement, a statement that has become his life mantra since his days at Morehouse College, the historically Black university where he graduated cum laude with a degree in finance. ?My time in college helped me clearly understand the responsibilities and expectations of an African-American man and shift my priorities accordingly,? he says. He champions the belief that those who are successful should impact the lives of those less fortunate. That?s why, if he had the time and money, he would open his home to foster children, especially boys, he says.

At HBO, Pamon?s role is to facilitate product development, brand marketing and the subscription objectives of both HBO and Cinemax. He moved to HBO from Time Warner Inc., where he was executive director of the Corporate Strategic Planning Group. Prior to joining Time Warner, Pamon was president of Ethcentric, a start-up interactive marketing business. He attributes his success to his mother and wife, whom, he says, have constantly provided the support and encouragement that have allowed him to dream big dreams and take the steps to fulfill them. Pamon also credits his mentors, who have guided him with sound personal and professional career counsel.

Pamon, who also holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, with dual concentrations in marketing and corporate strategy, encourages young people who have ambitions to make it in the business world to learn the art of perseverance. He is an avid traveler with a curious mind who loves to explore new things whether it is traveling to China and Japan or scuba diving off the Hawaiian islands. He adds that traveling has allowed him to meet interesting people and feels truly fortunate to be in the position that he is in at this stage of his life.

Pamon is a member of the National Black MBA Association, Stanford University Alumni Association and Morehouse College Alumni Association.