ELC Members Honored by TNJ as Influential Women in Business

All job titles and company affiliations are valid as of Sept. 15, 2006


Jessica C. Isaacs Jessica C. Isaacs
Job title: Sr. V.P., Field Operations and Global Reinsurance Officer, AIU Personal Lines Division
Company: AIG Inc.

Elease Wright Elease Wright
Job title: Sr. V.P., Human Resources
Company: Aetna Inc.


Deborah ?Deb? Elam Deborah ?Deb? Elam
Job title: Manager, Diversity & Inclusive Leadership
Company: General Electric Co.
Current title: V.P. & Chief Diversity Officer

Carla Ann Harris Carla Ann Harris
Job title: Managing Director, Head of Equity Private Placements & Retail Capital
Company: Morgan Stanley
Current title: Managing Director, Global Capital Markets

Debra Sandler Debra Sandler
Job title: General Manager, North America
Company: McNeil Nutritionals
Current title: Worldwide President

Marva Smalls Marva Smalls
Job title: Exec. V.P., Public Affairs, and Chief of Staff, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, TV Land, Noggin and Spike TV
Company: MTV Networks


Stephanie Bell-Rose Stephanie Bell-Rose
Job title: President
Company: The Goldman Sachs Foundation
Current title: Managing Director, Goldman Sachs; President, Goldman Sachs Foundation

Donna DeBerry Donna DeBerry
Job title: Sr. V.P., Diversity; Assistant to the Chairman
Company: Wyndham International Inc.
Current title: First Vice President of Diversity, Nike

Jerri DeVard Jerri DeVard
Job title: Sr. V.P., Brand Management & Marketing Communication
Company: Verizon Communications

Glenda G. McNeal Glenda G. McNeal
Job title: Sr. V.P., Global Partnerships, Establishment Services
Company: American Express
Current title: Sr. V.P. & General Manager of Retail & Emerging Industries


Billye J. Alexander Billye J. Alexander
Job title: Midwest Region Vice President
Company: Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Currently Retired

Diane Ashley Diane Ashley
Job title: V.P., Director, Supplier Diversity
Company: Citigroup Inc.
Current title: Sr. V.P., Director, Supplier Diversity

Lydia Mallett Lydia Mallett
Job title: Chief Diversity Officer
Company: General Mills Inc.
Current title: V.P., Diversity, Tyco International Ltd.

Westina Matthews-Shatteen Westina Matthews-Shatteen
Job title: First Vice President, Community Leadership, Global Human Resources
Company: Merrill Lynch
Current title: Managing Director, Community Business Development

Donna Wilson Donna Wilson
Job title: Sr. V.P. Community Investment & Development
Company: Washington Mutual Inc.
Current title: Northeast Regional President


 Akosua Barthwell Evans Akosua Barthwell Evans
Job title: V.P., Head, Diversified Client Services Group
Company: JP Morgan Private Bank
Current title: CEO, The Barthwell Group Inc.


A. Shuanise Washington A. Shuanise Washington
Job title: V.P. of External Affairs
Company: Philip Morris Management Corp.
Current title: V.P., Government Affairs Policy & Outreach, Altria Corporate Services Inc.