Jacqueline Arrington

Vice President, Citibank N.A., Longs Island City, N.Y.

Jacqueline Arrington uses her influence as vice president and director of community relations for Citibank?s Eastern Region in developing strategies to enhance the business environment between the public and private sectors. She has partnered with the bank?s community development business to ensure that community groups and not-for-profit organizations with whom Citibank does business are included in the processes that see these projects come to fruition. Her passion for her work is evident in the number of years she has dedicated to Citibank. She joined the bank 40 years ago in New York as a clerk and was quickly promoted to branch manager positions in southeast Queens, then to manager of the branch at corporate headquarters in Long Island City. From 1996 to 2001, she was director of community relations for the borough of Queens.

Her experience in those roles led her to develop a diverse portfolio of projects for the Eastern Region. As a result, Citibank?s grants and resources have put computers in classrooms, supported the development of affordable housing and placed business resource centers in many communities. Stressing the importance of partnerships between businesses and communities, Arrington uses citywide tours to introduce financiers to the diverse and successful nonprofit organizations that make communities thrive. She also strives to create opportunities for local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

?It is a rare gift to be able to do what you love and then to do it where you live,? says Arrington, ?I enjoy being able to identify the value of communities, particularly in the areas of community development and financial education. The greatest reward is knowing that Citibank?s programs and services touch the lives of people in all these neighborhoods.?

Arrington is quick to acknowledge the support and encouragement of Citibank executives Margaret Swezey (deceased), Pam Flaherty and Sandra Reilly.

Tenacity, courage, the willingness to mentor and family values are the attributes most important to Arrington. ?When [we] give a man a fish, we feed him for a day. When we teach him to fish, we feed him for a lifetime. In today?s world, when we show him how to buy the pond, he feeds his family for generations,? she says.