Is Moving with No Job Worth the Risk?

Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Jobseeker’s question: I’ve wanted to move out of my state for years now, and I have finally decided to do it. I have sent out numerous resumes with a cover letter stating I am moving to Texas by December. I want employers to know my move is definite even though I don’t have a place in Texas yet.

I think Texas always has a good market for jobs at my level. My friends tell me I’m crazy to even think about moving without a job lined up, but living here has been no joyride for me.

I also haven’t had the best of friends here, so hearing them discourage me is just typical for them. I know they would hate for something great to happen to me.

So, please tell me I am not crazy to move to an unfamiliar location without a job! I have been to Texas and loved it, and I have never liked it where I live now.

And maybe one of those letters will hit at just the right time. If I don’t receive any interviews, I will call each one of the companies when I get there.

Answer: Don’t let anyone say you are crazy to take a chance to be happier. If you aren’t willing to ever take a big risk, you will never know what could be. No one knows what is possible for your future, but no action always results in a no.

As for friends, don’t reveal your dreams, thoughts and plans before you carry them out. No one can guarantee you as to what lies ahead, and your friends have no more information than you.

What you do know is that you cannot advance into new territory if you do nothing. Twenty-year friendships, as well as new relationships, have broken up due to disagreements, jealousy and every other emotion.

People who crave change feel safer when friends and family act happy for their new decisions, but that isn’t always the way life plays out. Individuals have different risk levels they are willing to accept. Some never take risks.

You probably wouldn’t tell a friend he or she lives a boring life, and likewise no one can tell you what action to take. The best guide is to follow your heart; that is where you will find the magic.

If you stay in touch with your naysayer friends, you will find out what they really think. And the truth is that their opinions don’t really matter. If your move turns out to be a mistake, admit it and decide on another plan of action. You will not feel badly as long as you can admit errors and allow yourself to correct them.

Most people make mistakes in life. Some things work out while other things don’t. Never regret experiences even if the results are not what you want.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently. When you follow your intuition, new ideas will come, and you will be on the road again on your own terms.