How To Build A Growing Profitable Business

WIBO is currently taking applications for the fall semester of its How to Build a Growing Profitable Business Workshop.
WIBO’s 16-week workshop is the most comprehensive entrepreneurial program in New York City.
WIBO classes are taught by successful business owners and senior executives who believe in WIBO’s mission to help budding entrepreneurs and small business owners build growing, profitable businesses.

Why should you choose WIBO?
Because WIBO does not teach how to run a business, it teaches you how to run YOUR business. We help you to make a solid and sound business plan so that your business is a success.

What will you learn?
*How to lay a strong foundation for your business
*How to determine and understand your market
*How to promote your business
*How to get people to buy from you
*How to price for the greatest profits
*How to control costs and taxes
*How to finance the business
*How to hire, train and supervise productive workers
*How to make sound financial decisions
*How to use money wisely
*and much more.

Where are the classes located?
WIBO classes are held in 9 locations throughout the city.

*Downtown Brooklyn
*Lower East Side
*South Bronx
*Washington Heights
*Central Brooklyn
*Long Island City
*Southeast Queens
*and Yonkers

What does it cost?
The base price for the workshop is $199. WIBO offers a $50 discount to entrepreneurs with incomes under $50,000 and $100 discount to those with incomes under $30,000. Proof of income is required to receive discounts.

How do I enroll?
Call 212.684.0854 for an application or go to to download and fill out the application.
Don’t Wait! Enroll Now! Classes begin September 2010!