Dorinda Walker

Dorinda Walker
Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives, Multicultural Marketing, Prudential’s U.S. Businesses
Prudential Financial
Newark, N.J.

Dorinda Walker?s career honors the legacy of her great-grandfather Ernest B. Henry, an immigrant from St. Kitts who became a self-made millionaire through real estate and other investments. ?My career enables me to honor his legacy by facilitating financial education and providing solutions to underserved communities,? she remarks.

Walker is vice president of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives within Multicultural Marketing for Prudential?s U.S. Businesses. Balancing family, career and entrepreneurship is the most challenging aspect of her job, she admits. When the going gets particularly rough, she first prays ?for the wisdom, fortitude and resources to take on and overcome the battle!?

Since Walker joined Prudential in 1999, her career has focused on expanding business opportunities among diverse markets, with emphasis on strategic planning, targeted marketing, program management, event planning and community engagement. ?A tribe of men and women ? inspired, empowered, lifted, mentored and guided me throughout my career. I stand on their shoulders and honor them by using my work to give back to others and serve with integrity,? she says. She is writing an inspirational autobiography as part of giving back. ?The message contained in my book is?directed mainly to troubled women, young adults?and youth who find themselves?in troubled situations similar?to those I experienced a youth. I?offer?individuals?hope,?showing them?that they can, indeed, overcome dark situations and rise to enjoy a fulfilling life of success, happiness and victory.?It?is not about my career,? she reveals.

Walker is a graduate of the Woman?s Unlimited TEAM Program, a nationally acclaimed management and leadership development program for high-potential women, and is pursuing a bachelor?s degree in business administration at The University of Phoenix. Honored for her professional work and for empowering women, she quotes author Nora Roberts, ?If you don?t go after what you want, you?ll never have it.?