Black Sands Entertainment To Launch Publishing App in February

Manuel Godoy, CEO, Black Sands Entertainment
Manuel Godoy, CEO, Black Sands Entertainment

Meet Black Sands Entertainment, publisher of “comics that highlight our history before slavery, without any hidden agendas,” as the company likes to say.

Since 2016, Black Sands Entertainment ( has been a prospering company. From selling over 60,000 books to earning the title of No. I indie Black-owned comic publishers in the nation, this company is not done making its mark in the entertainment business. It’s new app, Black Sands Publishing (BSP), is set to be launched on February 1.

“BSP will be considered as the Black version of Webtoons with a couple of new features,” said Manuel Godoy, the company’s award-winning author and CEO, referring to the online portal for comics, webcomics, manga, and manhwa. “This would be a safe place for people to really geek out with people they can relate to,” Some of the new features include a forum for people to communicate, make commentary on stories and subscribe to creators.”

There will also be a new comic series, so be on the lookout, he added enthusiastically.

An Army veteran, Godoy has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Queens College – City University of New York (CUNY), Godoy served in the army. The father of two started his indie publishing company with his wife, Geiszel Godoy, also an Army veteran.

As Black entrepreneurs, they experienced first-hand the struggles most Black business owners go through. The Godoys however, didn’t let that stop them. Rather, the struggles inspired them even more to succeed in their business. Now, fans have the opportunity to invest in the company. (See video at

The Network Journal recently had the opportunity to speak with Godoy. What was the inspiration behind founding the Black Sands Entertainment?

Godoy. Since our founding, we really wanted to push the “banned genre” in Hollywood.  As we tell our audience Black history, we tell them stories before enslavement. The slogan for our entertainment company is “No more slave movies, it’s time for kings!” We want to honor that statement in the work we produce. What do you find most satisfying about being the CEO of Black Sands Entertainment? 

Godoy: The bond we created with parents, I would say. Parents come across our content and introduce our comics to their children. From there, they end up loving it and become super fans together. I always like that aspect of this business. What advice would you give married couples/partners who want to start a business together?

Godoy: It’s important to set boundaries and separate your responsibilities with one another. While I focus more on the production and publishing, my wife handles finance and working with artists. We make sure not to overstep and to work as a team. You served in the Army and must have learned a lot during that time. What skills and/or lessons have you used in Black Sands?

Godoy: Just like in the military, you have to rely on other people to do their jobs. There are no such things as shiners, just teams. The same philosophy applies to this company. I have multiple teams for different projects, and each team consists of reliable and responsible people. How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected the business?  

Godoy: It went pretty well actually, 2020 was considered to be our best year. Since everything was forced to be online, we made sure to have a good media presence and we grew expediently. Where do you see your business in five years?

Godoy: I hope to have a million-dollar company. We have a goal by the end of the year to make two million sales in physical books, and to have a successful app launch. What would you say to someone reading this article who wants to start an entertainment business?

Godoy: The first step is to always figure out who you are selling to, who your audience is. Next, picture fifty different customers and disregard forty-nine of them. The last one you need to sell to.  Try to craft a story or a marketing plan that caters to them. Once you sell to them, you will succeed in your business.