ZTE Smartphone Teams with N.Y. Knicks

ZTE smartphoneAt a press announcement at Madison Square Garden on Monday, Lexin Cheng, Chairman and CEO of ZTE USA, announced that ZTE Smartphone would be the official smartphone of the N.Y. Knicks basketball team.

The 4th largest smartphone vendor in the U.S., ZTE, which also owns the ZTE ZMAX phone for T-Mobile USA, achieved a historical 7.4 percent of the market share by Q2 earlier this year.

Aside from the company?s market leadership in North America, Cheng said there is much in common between the Knicks and ZTE.

?ZTE?s latest partnership, which is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to building our brand in the U.S., is our partnership with the N.Y. Knicks. We share many common goals. We?re both competing to win and we share the same spirit of giving. The ZTE mission is to give back in the communities; connect with consumers; and build momentum.? There are kids facing obstacles in N.Y.?s communities, and we want to help serve those communities and grow the ZTE brand. ZTE delivers affordable, premium devices that will bring Knicks fans closer to the Knicks. ZTE is fast-growing, affordable and a good match for the Knicks,? said Cheng.

Retired Knicks shooting guard John Starks, who serves as an alumni relations advisor to the team, and former Knick player Earl Munroe were on hand to represent the Knicks and posed for photos with their new ZTE smartphones.???

Tad Smith, CEO, Madison Square Garden Company, said the timing couldn?t be better. ?We just had the global games and the Knicks will be in London later this year. Wednesday is the Home opening and the regular season will begin. And this year, we will host the All-Star game,? said Smith. Asked whether Knicks players would be required to be seen only using the ZTE phones, “It will be my pleasure to provide any player with a ZTE smartphone.”