Your Most Critical Data is Location

dataA few years ago, one foolproof way of saving the battery on you phone was to turn off GPS. You didn?t really need it. At most, it was an added convenience in a few apps.

But it?s time to turn GPS back on. Your location has become one of the best things about your phone, your smartwatch, and every other connected device you carry. Our tech is learning to adapt to us, nestling into every aspect of our lives so it is more responsive, more useful, and more intuitive. This is awesome, and it?s happening because of three things: location, location, location.

Your phone?s ability to pinpoint your exact location and use that info to deliver services?a meal, a ride, a tip, a coupon?is reason for excitement. But this world of always-on GPS raises questions about what happens to our data. How much privacy are we willing to surrender? What can these services learn about our activities? What keeps detailed maps of our lives from being sold to the highest bidder? These have been issues as long as we?ve had cellphones, but they are more pressing than ever.

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