Your Facebook Page Could Be a Plus in Applying to Business School

MBAWhen applying to MBA programs, applicants will have likely spent considerable time putting together application materials, tweaking a resume and making sure to have good recommendations and references. Something else to consider is Facebook. Admissions committees often look beyond submitted information when considering MBA candidates. Competitive programs have many applicants, and sometimes as a way to narrow the field or make final decisions admissions committees will conduct a search for the applicant through Facebook or other social media. When applying to MBA programs, applicants should consider the following advice to use Facebook to their advantage.

Make a professional impression. Using profile and cover pictures that are professional is a wise choice. Profile pictures may be the first visual impression that admissions committees have, so individuals should make sure that they are appropriate, professional and flattering. Use the control of privacy settings to prevent any photos that would not be office-appropriate from being seen.

Use Facebook as a platform to show what you care about. If prospective employers see that a person’s listed interests or organizations are career-focused and in line with a program, it can be a huge asset. It is one thing for a person to say they care about something, but if their personal page demonstrates this, too, it can show an employer a person is serious about it. This also demonstrates a quality of authenticity and honesty, both of which are traits that MBA programs value.

A person’s Facebook is also a chance for them to demonstrate their global and cultural connectivity. Since being a global citizen is increasingly important in the business world, individuals should make sure that their own global and cultural experiences are present on their Facebook page. Selection committees will want to see that an individual’s values line up with their own values and expectations.

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