Wow, that colleague?s got a loud voice!

We?ve all had moments of peace and perfect working rhythm disrupted by the boom of a co-worker who always hits uncomfortable decibel levels ? and not because of anger or excitement. Some people are just ? loud.

Few of us can bring up the sensitive subject of a person?s vocal force without seeming harsh or making someone feel self-conscious. And so it?s best to pick your spots in which to deal with a boomer.

Try this: Whenever you?re in one-to-one conversation with such a person, guide them behind closed doors or down the hall to continue the conversation with a simple ?I don?t want to bother anyone; sound travels in these hallways.? And then keep at it. Every time a physical effort is made to isolate that voice, the more the message gets through that the volume level is something to think about.

You might also make a concerted effort to speak more softly to a boomer, creating a stark contrast that may eventually sink in.
Few of us really know how loudly or how softly we speak, so forgive the loud and try to admire what often creates such an outlier voice: inner confidence.