Worst Things to Keep in Your Wallet

walletYour wallet is a gold mine for an identity thief. Yet with so much focus on data breaches and online scams, it’s easy to overlook the valuable information in your back pocket or purse. Here’s what you’re better off leaving at home.

Start with your Social Security card. There’s rarely, if ever, a need to show it. Yet those nine digits are all an identity thief requires to open up credit card accounts and take out loans in your name.

Another no-no is a spare key. Your address is somewhere in your wallet. By stashing a key in there, you’re inviting the bad guys to make themselves at home in your home. Other taboo items include blank checks and password cheatsheets.

Once you do decide what to keep in your wallet, make photo-copies of everything front and back. If you wallet is ever lost or stolen, you’ll be glad you did.

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(Source: TCA)