Work Strategy: ?Inventing the Possibility to Execute Your Dream??

Michelle PyramMichelle Pyram, an entrepreneur and seasoned human resources professional, created her dream career — empowering others to execute their dreams. She is the founder of a personal and professional development practice, Be Accountable, Inc. and aptly named website ( Pyram recalls what kept her from achieving her dreams for years, “I had a victim mentality but became resilient once I understood the role that I played in creating the career I wanted.” The self-proclaimed dream chaser went from not being able to conceive of her possibilities to creating a strategic plan for executing her dream. Here, she? recommends four ways to reinvent your career.

Make a declaration ??
Inventing the possibility for your career may be just as simple as making a declaration for what you want. Declaring what you want makes a lot of sense when you think about each of your life’s accomplishments and milestones. Take a moment to think about where you are in your career. Is it the result of what you’ve accepted or is it the result of what you declared as a new possibility?

Be your authentic self ?
Define your career by your own standards. Career choices are too often the result of what you are “supposed to do.” Imagine the possibilities you can create in a career that speaks to who you truly are. Don’t fall into the trap of pursuing a career choice solely to “look good” for your peers, friends or family members. It may be difficult to release your true gifts and talents in your career because you are in denial about what you want or even who you truly are. Instead, imagine the value you can add to the world by being your authentic self and sharing your unique talents in your dream job.

Know your limitations ??
When it comes to your professional or personal development, your greatest strength can be acknowledging what has limited you. Clients cite many reasons for not pursing their true career aspirations: listening to their inner critic (or gremlin), possessing limiting beliefs, making interpretations or creating assumptions. Imagine all the possibilities that you can create once you know what limits you and how to forge ahead despite those limitations.

Take action??
Once you make your declaration and are clear on what you want for your career, how do you plan to execute? Declaring what you want may be easy, but aggressively following your action plan will require tenacity and hard work. Find an accountability partner or invest in a certified professional coach to help you stick to your declaration and action plan. The possibility you create for yourself will be the direct result of the actions you take now to execute your dream.