Willpower Is Your Secret Weapon

liveEvery day, entrepreneurs restore my faith in humanity. This may sound grandiose, but it?s not meant to. Even on the worst news day, when the world seems to be falling into a dark vortex, one call with an entrepreneur can make me feel more upbeat.

?I have this idea and I can?t stop thinking about it, so I am going for it! Why am I doing this? Ha! Because I believe in this, and one day, so will everyone else. You?ll see, it?s going to be great,? is the general theme of these calls.

We hear stories. Lots of stories. Entrepreneurial dreamers tell us tales of new ideas and reimagined ways of thinking. We hear about empowerment and innovation, risk and reward. Some ideas are so far-fetched I?m left wondering, How can this possibly work? And some are so obvious I scratch my head and ask, Why didn?t I think of that?

When I talk to those entrepreneurs who dream big and optimistically (generally against all odds), I am not only inspired, I am humbled. Infectious optimism is key here, but there?s something more to what drives that spirit. It?s something far more erudite than an MBA, a spreadsheet and a triple latte.

It?s that thing that pushes you to the next level despite setbacks. It?s that grit that drives Serena Williams to the next win. It?s what compels Lindsey Vonn to race again?even after a horrific injury. It defies logic. It defies science. It?s willpower.

Through sheer force of will and human spirit, entrepreneurs breathe life into impossible ideas?sometimes from seemingly impossible circumstances. That?s what drives change and creates opportunity. That?s what you do?make the impossible not only possible but also effective and accessible. Sometimes, in order to cross the finish line you need to rely not on your skill and training but on your sheer will to do so.