Will Apple Watch Outpace iPhone?

WATCHIt?s easy to be skeptical about Apple?s prospects for its first smart watch, an expensive trinket whose necessity is still unclear even after relatively positive reviews. We all know that if you leave your smartphone (or iPhone) at home and get three minutes into a journey, you?ll probably turn around to go back and get it. That?s the so-called ?turnaround test? that can point to the success or otherwise of a new gadget.

The Apple Watch doesn?t have a SIM card. It?s more of a helper to the core communications hub that is your phone. Leave it on the kitchen table at home and you might not make that same U-turn.

To me, that has always suggested the Apple Watch would be a slow burn when its came to early sales, even as Apple uses its top notch marketing efforts to convince mainstream consumers they actually do need one just as much as they do an iPhone.

Yet here?s a little historical perspective that suggests the Apple Watch won?t take nearly as long as the iPhone did to catch on: it appears to be well on track to outpace the iPhone in year-one sales.

Apple sold 5.4 million iPhones in their first year, according to this handy chart from Statista.

The company hasn?t released official sales figures for its watch, which went on sale on April 24 in a variety of styles starting at $349. It didn?t even release an opening weekend sales figures, has it did for the iPhone 3G in 2008 and for the first weekend of App Store downloads.

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