Why You Should Use Google+ Hangouts for Marketing

Google + for marketing Google+ Hangouts and Hangout on Air ? tools that can take your business to the next level

Why should you or anyone else consider using Google+ for marketing? Well, as a lot of experienced business owners will tell you, you need to consider using it for a lot of good reasons. Take Google+ Hangouts as an example. With this relatively new feature, you can realistically take your business to the next level and improve your bottom line quite considerably simply by “hanging out” with your target market.?

With Google+ Hangouts, you can:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with your target market. Consider inviting your prospective customers to your hangout and start a conversation. You don’t even have to promote your products and services to achieve your goals. Just engage them in a conversation and reap the benefits in due time.
  • Provide better customer service. You can use Hangouts to address any concerns your customers may have.
  • Provide a more personal touch to your business. With Hangouts, you can give your target market a chance to interact with the face behind the brand ? YOU. Isn’t that a great way to build customer loyalty and promote your business even further?

To promote your business more extensively, you can also consider using Google+ Hangouts on Air. While Google+ Hangouts allows you to interact with nine people at a time, Hangouts on Air gives you the freedom to reach a wider audience. With this feature, you can:

  • Have a live broadcast through your YouTube channel, your Google stream and/or your business website. You can also choose to edit the video on your YouTube account, upload and share it just like any other YouTube video. So, whether it is a live Q&A session, live expert interview or a regular vlog episode, Hangouts on Air makes it possible to get things done.
  • Keep track on how many people are viewing your broadcast.
  • Use several online apps such as Google Docs, Google Effects, Cacoo, Scoot & Doodle and SlideShare to illustrate your point more clearly and get your message across more effectively.
  • Chat with your viewers. You can invite your viewers to ask questions and leave comments using the built-in chat functionality.

Hangouts on Air: How to Get the Most from It

To get the most benefits in using Google+ for marketing, make sure you take the following suggestions into consideration:

  • Use a unique name for your hangout. This can help keep others from joining your hangout by sheer accident.
  • Play around before launching your first broadcast. Learn how to use it and get to know which apps to use before using it for business purposes.
  • Abide by the rules. You are accountable for everything that takes place in your hangout so it is your responsibility to make sure that no one acts inappropriately during your broadcasts.

With its wide range of online tools, promoting your business online just got a lot easier so consider using Google+ for marketing your business ? NOW.