Why You Should Be Prioritizing Work-Life Balance at Any Age

work-life balanceThe happiest and most productive people are those who achieve the work-life balance.

Three generations?baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y/Millennials?make up today?s workforce. Many people in each bring certain attributes and assets, but what holds true for all three generations is the importance of work-life balance. It leads to happier, more productive and more competitive employees. Here is a look at why people of any age need to prioritize it.

Baby Boomers: These folks, born from 1945 to 1964, think long term. They?re more likely than other generations to give their employers more, even if it means sacrificing personal and family time. They often measure themselves by career success. However, they?re at a point now where health issues, either theirs or their parents’, are coming to the forefront. Dealing with that plus working full time is a lot. Plus, they?re nearing retirement and need a life and identity apart from work.

Generation X: Born between 1965 and 1980, Generation Xers feel less of a sense of loyalty to their employers. They?re quick to leave jobs that aren?t working and to press for flexible arrangements. They?re overly independent, which can hurt if they?re too quick to leave a job without trying to work with the employer to address work-life balance issues. In turn, the stress caused by job hopping seeps into their personal lives.

Millennials: Born after 1980, Millennials perhaps have the best understanding of why work-life balance is important and how to attain it. They crave professional growth and are loyal to companies who reward them, educate them and trust them. However, as more get married and have children, maintaining the balance becomes more problematic.

If you?re having trouble finding your work-life balance, try the following tips for a starting point.

  • Use all of your vacation time.
  • Eat healthfully, and always make time for exercise.
  • Prioritize work tasks, and spend less time on the clutter.