Why One Male Professional Decided to Start a Family On His Own

Conrad CeanDo men have biological clocks? Some say definitely. And one professional male was tired of waiting to find the ideal woman to start a family. So as Dr. Conrad Cean was nearing 40, he made a seemingly radical decision. ?

The 43-year-old NYC-based pain specialist used in vitro fertilization (IVF) and hired a surrogate in Panama. Today, he is a single father of twins, Konrad Fritz II and Kennedy-Josephine Marie.

Cean, a board certified anesthesiologist, is not alone. More and more single men are choosing to start families on their own by using IVF, surrogacy. ?

Cean talks to TNJ.com about the experience:

TNJ.com: ?How long did it take for you to finally decide on in vitro fertilization?

Dr. Conrad Cean: I was considering and researching it for 4 to 5 years prior to moving forward with a facility.

TNJ.com: What were the deciding factors?

CC: I was still single with no real prospects of marriage and was 38 years of age.

I wanted to have the opportunity to raise children while still relatively young.

TNJ.com: Why did you opt not to wait until you found the “right” woman?

CC: Even men have a biological clock and mine was ticking.? Additionally, it?s been scientifically found that the quality of sperm degenerates as you age.

TNJ.com: Now that you are a father, what are some of the surprising challenges you have faced?

CC: Finding the right child care provider is very challenging.? Finding a qualified and dedicated person to take care of the children while I am working is certainly a common challenge most parents experience.

TNJ.com: Being a single father, especially of twins, must be challenging. How do you create a work/life balance?

CC: The key, I feel, to continuing to create work/life balance is maintaining my very close relationship with my family who helps me a lot. Additionally, I feel that my being organized is also a useful part of managing it all and running my business.

TNJ.com: Has?being a parent affected your work life?

CC: Being a parent has made me more selective about what work arrangements and opportunities I accept. Also, it has increased my filter on what evening and weekend events are worth my time. So it has improved my ability to always work at the highest level.

TNJ.com: Most people are probably shocked at your decision to have the twins. What do you say to them?

CC: I always say the great thing about twins is that they have me and each other. Even as they grow as toddlers they continue to display a nurturing and unique connection together that, as a father, is great to see.