Why Now May Be the Best Time to Cut Your Cable Cord

Cable channels are developing standalone streaming services.

HBO?s announcement that it will also offer its content as a streaming standalone service in 2015 is just one more reason why now may be the best time to cut your cable cord. CBS launched a standalone streaming service in October 2014, and ESPN has plans to do the same. Other reasons to cut the cable cord include the influx of streaming devices such as the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and various video game consoles.

  • People can watch shows and movies on their phones, tablets, laptops and televisions through such services as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes. The costs of such services usually are lower than paying for cable. For example, Netflix streaming is $8.99 a month as of October 2014, while cable bills can cost about $90 per month. Hulu and iTunes have episodes ready to go, less than 24 hours after they air on TV.
  • Watch content with less or no commercials. Netflix content does not have commercial breaks, while commercials on services such as Hulu are shorter than they are for live episodes.
  • You can watch the content you want, when you want and in less time. Syncing allows you to start a movie on one device and to seamlessly pick up on your Wii U, if you are so inclined.
  • Libraries continue to offer movie and TV shows for free. Businesses such as Redbox offer convenient locations and relatively low prices for the latest popular films.
  • You have an extensive selection of content at your fingertips regardless of which service you choose, be it Netflix, Amazon Prime or another?or a combination.