Why It?s Essential to Maintain Your Professional Reputation

WorkplaceHere is Why It is So Critical to Maintain a Strong Professional Reputation

Reputation, whether personal or professional, is intangible but no less important than more-concrete business concepts. Maintaining your professional reputation is critical for several reasons, some of which are obvious and some which are less so.

  1. A good reputation opens the window to opportunities you wouldn?t otherwise have. If you?re a reliable and skilled worker who is responsive and quick to resolve errors, word will get around. At the very least, people in your company will take notice. If you want to change jobs, glowing recommendations are invaluable. Other companies might come calling and lead to higher-paying positions with more satisfaction. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to network and to get recommendations, and your good reputation gets the ball rolling on that.
  2. Bad behavior lingers much longer than good behavior does. People are more likely to remember one or two instances of unprofessional behavior even if all other behavior is excellent. A sterling reputation basically gives you a built-in ?benefit of the doubt? barrier. If your reputation is good, people might cut you some slack if you have a bad day or if they hear unflattering rumors and lies about you.
  3. You?ll be happier. If your reputation is good, your co-workers and bosses will probably approach you for help with issues or to get your insight on something. You?ll be more approachable, and these social interactions and knowing how much you are valued will make you happier.
  4. A professional reputation establishes competency in your career and helps tremendously with your personal branding. It makes potential employers or people in a work network more likely to trust you on the spot rather than investigate your background.
  5. Employers often search online (Google, Facebook and the like) for your name, and it?s critical that nothing negative shows up.