Why Holiday Car Rentals Should be Included in Vacation Planning

holiday car rental, vacation planning, vacation planConsider adding a holiday car rental to make your vacation plan smooth

As you get ready for your final excursion of the summer or choose a destination for a fall getaway, consider adding a rental car to your transportation plans. If you?re visiting friends, you can rely on your hosts to shuttle you to and from the airport and carry your around on sightseeing adventures and errands, but you may not want to burden your hosts in this way. And a car of your own gives you the freedom to come and go as you choose, leaving your hosts with moments of peace, privacy and control over their own schedules.?

You can also take public transportation to navigate around in your chosen vacation destination, but metros and trains aren?t always reliable and may not take you everywhere you want to go. And while buses and subways can work well in metropolitan areas, they don?t help much on wilderness trips or adventures through national parks.?

Tips for Holiday Car Rentals

  1. If a car rental will provide the independence and mobility you need during your trip, try to make your arrangements beforehand, so you know the right car will be waiting for you when you step off the plane. There are plenty of travel websites that can help you book cars while you?re taking care of flight and hotel reservations.?
  2. If you don?t book in advance, be prepared to be flexible about the size, make, and model of the cars available to you when you arrive.?
  3. Choose your insurance options carefully. If you?ll be driving the car for several days or longer, you increase the odds of minor damage. Take this into account when you?re offered more extensive coverage options at the rental counter.?
  4. Before you drive your rental car off the lot, check to make sure there are no dents, scratches or other problems you may be held accountable for later.

Has a rental car ever significantly improved your vacation experience? Share your holiday rental car tips and advice in our comment section below!