Why Big Tech Companies Don’t Release Diversity Data

Weeks after Google released their diversity data,? LinkedIn followed suit, with Yahoo most recently releasing its numbers. Everyone is disappointed by the mostly male company portraits here–but what is truly unsettling is that these statistics don’t give us enough information about how many female engineers there actually are.

At Google, women hold 17% of tech roles, while women at Yahoo hold 15% of those roles. LinkedIn did not report how many women made up its tech workforce. But these companies don’t go into any more specifics. Why are these numbers so vague?

What Are These “Tech Positions”?

Saying women occupy “tech roles” is a start, but would be interesting to know is what kinds of roles fall under what these companies call technical positions. We really can’t be sure whether all their engineering teams are made mostly of men since a “technical position” could relate to something softer, like interaction design or product management. Let’s get data on how many women are actually developing and creating the products that these companies put out.

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