Which iOS Apps Should Make It to the Email Marketers’ List?

email marketing, email marketers, ios apps, appsKnowing which iOS apps to use and using them wisely can be the key to your email marketing success

Marketing professionals who use an iOS device in performing their day-to-day business functions should seriously consider getting a set of useful apps to help them get ahead of the pack. Do you want to know which iOS apps make it to the top of the list? Well, get ready since you are just about to!

Email marketing software and autoresponder apps. Well, this one is largely self-explanatory. You need such apps to add or import contacts, manage your campaigns, send a newsletter and/or view your stat reports even while you are on the road.?

Subject Line. Do you want to test your subject lines to improve email deliverability and open rates? If you do, you need to take this app for a spin!?

Evernote. Evernote is a very useful app that allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and capture photos. By using Evernote, you can stay organized and improve your productivity at the same time. Isn’t that great? ?

Dropbox. By using Dropbox, you can take your files anywhere you go, access them from any device and share them with relative ease to anyone you choose. Once you start using this app, you surely cannot live without it anymore.

Cardmunch. Convert business cards to address book contacts by simply snapping a photo of the card. In addition, this app will automatically check if your new contacts are already in LinkedIn so that you can instantly invite them to connect with you. Wouldn’t you just love to have this app in your marketing arsenal??

Social network native apps. Email marketers who are also using the power of social media to promote their products should never go without native Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ apps. You should likewise consider using effective social media management apps such as HootSuite and Buffer to manage multiple accounts with relative ease.?

Reeder. Keep abreast of all the latest news in your chosen niche by using a powerful RSS reader app specially designed for iOS. You can also use it to find great content ideas that you can share with your social networks and to uncover valuable link building opportunities.

Image and video editing apps. We all know how image memes, professional looking photos and viral videos can help build up your social media content, expand your reach and attract traffic to your site, right? By using apps such as Snapseed (for photo editing) and iMovie (for video editing), you will get all the help you need to meet your business objectives ? fast.

Adding these apps to your online marketing arsenal and using them wisely can help you get the most from all your efforts. Would you like to give them a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so go for it.