Where to Find Jobs: 5 Great Alternatives to Career Fairs

JobBeen job hunting primarily at career fairs but haven?t gotten results? Try these 5 suggestions instead.

While it?s true that career fairs are an effective job search method for
many people, they do get crowded with searchers. Plus, there are some
hassles involved such as long hours and lengthy wait times for meetings.
can bypass some of that competition and waiting by looking to some
great alternatives.

1. Recruiters: Reach out to places such as The Recruiter Network, RileyGuide.com and Find a Recruiter. Recruiters work directly with hiring departments of companies and serve as a shortcut to getting you in for interviews. While you are not the client (the hiring company is), the recruiter wants to find the best fit possible. That very well could be you. Recruiters will also give you tips on your resume, interviewing strategies and more.

2. LinkedIn: Job hunting is one of the main reasons to be on LinkedIn. Take advantage of this network?s comprehensive suite of tools: your profile, groups and job search opportunities, to name a few. You just may find a job via networking than through formal application procedures.

3. JobsMiner.com: This site pulls from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites to list jobs. For the most part, those positions are not too heavily advertised, resulting in less competition.

4. Job boards: Yes, job boards tend to get a lot of users and competition. Still, they are great for finding a diverse range of positions. Specialty job boards may also do the trick. In addition, job listings can tell you the general skillset you need for a certain position. You can use that information to improve yourself and reach out to hiring managers at companies for which you want to work.

5. Business career websites: Speaking of companies for which you want to work, check out their websites directly. Sign up for an account, and get emailed updates on jobs that match what you are looking for.