Where Can You Afford A Home In The U.S.?

In Cleveland, a worker only needs to earn an annual salary of $29,800 to be able to afford a home, according to mortgage information provider HSH.com. That’s the lowest of any of the country’s 27 largest metro areas (see full list in table below).

One of the reasons Cleveland residents can get by on so much less: At $102,000, median home prices are among the lowest in the country. A borrower with a 30-year fixed mortgage that carries a 4.5% rate would pay just $695 a month for a median priced home in the city, HSH.com found.

Residents of San Francisco, however, can only dream about such reasonable monthly payments.

In San Francisco, it takes a salary of more than $137,000 a year to be able to afford a median priced home — by far the highest home buying hurdle in the nation. The average monthly housing bill, which includes taxes and insurance, comes to about $3,200.


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