Switch Gears: Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Career Change

Change gears: get a new career It May Surprise You to Know That Age Doesn?t Matter, But Skills Do

Employers look for job candidates that have good communication, interpersonal and technology skills. So, how does this determine when you should switch careers? If you are struggling with a certain skill set, you may want to wait before changing careers. Before you set out to gain skills, find out what skills are desirable to employers.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Can you express thoughts through speaking and writing?
  • Can you persuasively express your ideas?
  • Do you have leadership qualities?

Technology Skills:

  • Are you computer literate?
  • Are you proficient in the software programs used in the field you want to go into?

Getting More Skills

You don?t need to go back to school to get more skills unless you are making a radical career change. If you are an administrative assistant, who?s always dreamed of going into nursing, you need to go to school. However, those who want to make a career leap from, for example, being a personal assistant to a graphic designer, you can take some classes online. There are numerous websites that provide free classes. Social groups (like Meetup) can also help you network and meet other people in a certain field to figure out what skills you need to obtain. Those who need to work on their communication skills can take writing classes or even an acting class. Acting classes can help you gain the confidence you need to lead employees.

Now What

So, you?ve gained skills but are worried about employers choosing someone younger. Most employers are used to getting resumes from job applicants with varied work histories. According to Binghamton University, today?s workers change their careers four times in their lifetime. While the road to changing your career may seem daunting, you can reduce the stress by listing on your new updated resume what similar duties you?ve performed in the past with the field you want to get into. For example, office managers have strong written and verbal skills like paralegals. By showcasing the many job duties that coincide with your new career, you can show an employer that you have enough experience. Forget about wanting to go back in time to change the past. When changing careers, focus on obtaining new skills and showcasing what you?ve always done best.

Switch it Up! Have you changed careers? Do you have any tips? Post your comments below.