Adobe’s Photoshop iPhone App

Earlier this month Adobe introduced an iPhone application to enable the editing of photos, “while on the go”.You can edit photos, apply effects and share images with others. The tool is pretty neat and has seamless integration with users’ free accounts and enables photo sharing and data back-up, saving spaceon your iPhone.

When I first read about this, I thought, “do people really want to edit and share photos on an iPhone or any phone?” My intuition is no.
At some point, the aggressive push to mobile computing, which appears to be led by technology companies more than consumers, sometimes gets to be a bit much.

What does this mean for your business?
As you consider user mobile applications for your business, don’t let the rush and excitement of downloading applications and trying to do everything online impede your productivity.
Educate users in how to best be productive on the road. The choices for mobile applications are extensive and mobile hardware is growing (traditional notebooks, to netbooks, to smartphones).

Having said all of this, I do think that vendors and independent software developers pushing out mobile applications is a GOOD thing as professionals can have as much choice as possible when deciding how best to improve their increasingly mobile lives.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for