When It’s Good To Spend More On Services

servMost people strive to save money any chance they get. Whether it?s cutting down on dining out by cooking at home or avoiding high bar tabs by hitting up happy hour, it pays to be budget conscious. But sometimes it makes sense to spend a little extra for services.?

From home improvements to personal makeovers, here are five scenarios where it actually pays to splurge. ?

1. Bumping up to business class for a long flight.

Spending six hours on a plane is bad enough. Spending six hours in a cramped seat on a plane is even worse. If you find yourself traveling across country, or internationally, consider bumping up to business class for a more comfortable ride.

For example, passengers who ride Delta Comfort+, the airline?s newest experience, can enjoy extra legroom, spacious seats, complimentary drinks, and premium entertainment. Cross-country travelers get the added benefit of healthy dining options as well as a complimentary sleep kit ? which includes a sleep mask, blanket, and pillow ? to get you through the flight.

2. Getting your hair highlighted at a salon.

Coloring your hair can be risky business, especially if you’re attempting something as complicated as highlights. Though you may think the answer is in a box, it’s best to leave coloring to a professional. In many cases, it can end up costing you more to correct your color mistake than it would to get it done at the salon the first time around.?

3. Paying extra at amusement parks to avoid waiting in line.

The best part about visiting a theme park is experiencing all of the the crazy rides. The worst part? Having to wait hours in line to get on those rides. Fortunately, many theme parks now offer visitors a way to avoid them. For a certain fee, customers can purchase passes that notify them when it?s their turn in line ? giving visitors more time to enjoy the park.

Skipping lines is also a perk offered to Delta Comfort+ customers. Comfort+ passengers have access to Sky Priority?, making them one of the first passengers to board the plane and one of the first to get off.