What’s for lunch? For Obama, it’s baby back ribs

CLINTON, Md. (AP) ? Hot dogs. Bison Wellington. Baby back ribs.

President Barack Obama is roaming all over the culinary map this week.

The president made a lunchtime detour to a barbeque and ribs joint Thursday on his way back to the White House after a speech about energy policy.

The president came away from Texas Ribs & BBQ with a takeout bag containing 2 slabs of baby back ribs and a brisket sandwich with fries.

And don’t forget the hot sauce, he reminded the cashier. Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland joined the president.

Judy Joseph, who waited on the president, said: “He made my day.”

Earlier in the week, Obama downed a hotdog at an NCAA basketball game in Ohio. And on Wednesday, he dined on bison at a fancy state dinner.