What?s Different With the New Apple TV?

Apple TVThe new Apple TV doesn’t look much different, but its internal changes go a long way.

As anticipated, a new version of the Apple TV has been announced. Even if you swear by your third-generation Apple TV, the fourth-generation TV bears looking at. At first glance, it looks much like its predecessor except that it’s heavier and taller. However, a lot of internal changes, as well as a major update to the software, makes the new Apple TV quite a bit different from its predecessor. Here are the major ways that the new Apple TV differs from the previous generation.

Dimensions and design

The newest Apple TV weighs 272 grams and has dimensions of 33 x 98 x 98. It has no buttons and one status light on the front. The back contains ports that allow you to connect the box to your TV.

Remote controls

While the third-generation TV uses an iOS app or an Apple remote to control it, this fourth-generation TV comes with a remote that has a touchpad as well as Siri mics. Ask Siri to help you out by naming a few funny shows or ?The Office? episodes with Kathy Bates, and you’re set; she’ll search across all of the apps for you.

The remote also has sensors that enable it to detect motion; if you’ve used the Nintendo Wiimote, the motion concept is similar. This motion is important because of the focus on apps.


Not only do the apps allow you to curate and fine-tune your TV experience, you can play games. Use apps to turn your space into a home gym, tutoring cubicle or homeschool classroom.


The Apple TV lets you choose between 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage. If you’re a heavy media user, go with 64 GB.


A split-screen option lets you watch two football games at once, and the TV uses screensavers that depend on the time of day.