What You Probably Don’t Know About McDonalds

MCDOn May 15, McDonald?s celebrates its 75th anniversary. Over the past several decades since the first restaurant opened in California, there?s been a lot of ups (pizza!) and downs (when they took pizza off the menu). In honour, we rounded up 10 things you might not know about the fast food giant.

It started as a barbecue joint

McDonald?s isn?t exactly known for their killer BBQ, but that?s how they got their start. In the 1930s, barbeque was huge across the south and western parts of the United States, so naturally when the McDonald brothers opened their restaurant, they had a smoke pit out the back. The original menu for McDonald’s Famous Barbecue featured “our famous barbecued beef, ham, or pork” for 35 cents and a barbecue plate for 60 cents. They quickly realized their best-sellers were burgers and the rest is history. (Before opening the barbecue spot, the brothers sold hot dogs.)

The Queen of England owns one

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