What You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

Hiring Millennials is about focusing on specifics, and highlighting compensation, professional development possibilities

Millennials are huge assets in any industry. They?re tech-savvy, dynamic, crave professional growth and are open to change. They are also looking for jobs that will make them feel accomplished. When you?re hiring Millennials, follow a few practices to get them on board.

  1. Focus on answering all questions and on post-interview follow-ups. The LinkedIn 2015 Talent Trends Report indicates that for a positive interview experience, 61 percent of Millennials value their questions answered, while 52 percent emphasize the quality of a post-interview follow-up. If you can?t answer a question right away, be honest and say you don?t know the answer but will research it. Then do so.
  2. Highlight the compensation package, professional development possibilities and advancement opportunities, says the Talent Trends Report. The first part may seem a no-brainer; people want to know how much they?re paid, no matter what generation they belong to. Keep in mind, though, that compensation involves much more than salary to Millennials. For example, they may appreciate generous personal leave days or being able to bring their dogs to work. That said, it is professional development and advancement that really differentiate Millennials. Highlight how the company is invested in their growth and development, and how that will happen as a team effort. Also, Millennial women focus more on a work-life balance, while Millennial men are more focused on compensation, innovation and challenging work.
  3. Your social media and Internet outreach must be dynamic and transparent. Millennials frequently find out about job openings through social media and online job boards. Not only that, they turn to your company?s website to extensively research the culture of the company. You can?t afford to neglect these areas. Use your website to explain what life is like at your company.
  4. When you contact a Millennial about a job opportunity, personalize the message, and include specifics. A Millennial wants to know why you thought of him or her in particular.