What You Need to Know About Google Trends

google trendsHaven?t heard of Google Trends or don?t know anything about it? Here is a quick breakdown

In today?s fast-paced global business market, data is crucial to a company?s success.? As commerce becomes increasingly centered around online and mobile transactions, the need for accurate, relevant, and specific data about consumers has only grown.? Enter Google Trends, an invaluable tool with the power to harness an unprecedented trove of information on consumer interests and desires.

What is Google Trends?

Simply put, Google Trends is a tool that accesses a database of Google searches dating back to 2004 and analyzes that data to figure out how many searches were done on a particular term over a period of time.? Trends reports its results on a scale showing the relative popularity of a search term.? This information can be filtered to reveal data from specific types of searches?for example: web searches, image searches, and Google Shopping searches.

What Insights Can Trends Provide?

One of the most useful aspects of Google Trends is its ability to compare the popularity of search terms across time periods, geographical locations/regions, and languages.? Trends can also show the popularity of a specific search term against the total number of Google searches, allowing you to track relative popularity?and it even provides a ?forecasting? feature which predicts the relative popularity of the search term in the near future.

How Can Google Trends Help Your Business?

Google Trends can provide crucial information to help shape your online business strategy.? For example, if you sell wood-framed sunglasses, you will be able to see the relative popularity of wood-framed sunglasses in each of the fifty states, or across the world.? You can access data on how often customers search for this product in each location at different times of the year.? Armed with this information, you can target your marketing and advertising efforts.