What You Need to Know About the Galaxy Note 5

Apple Pay and Android Pay The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a few new features worth looking at, including Samsung Pay and the S-pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 boasts an improved design and new software that help make up for its lack of a removable back. If you’re thinking about getting one, here are a few factors to consider.

1. The Design:
The Note 5 is a great-looking phone. It borrows some curves from the Galaxy S6, and its 5.7-inch display panel makes reaching for the S-pen easier (more on this later). The Note 5 doesn?t have the fake leather its predecessor does, instead going with Gorilla Glass 4 and aluminum.

However, while the Note 5 does look premium, holding it isn?t exactly a premium experience because the sides are so thin. You?ll probably get used to it, though.

2. Samsung Pay:

Apple Pay and Android Pay don?t stand alone; Samsung Pay is a quality competitor in its own right, and Note 5 phones have it. It uses tap-to-pay and its Magnetic Secure Transmission and other technological aspects enable customers to place their phones near a payment terminal to pay. The system is also user-friendly. You don?t need to go through the hassle of unlocking your phone, swiping screen after screen to find the app, and pressing a payment button. Instead, you choose from a rotation of credit cards at the bottom of the screen, even if the phone is unlocked. Scan your fingerprint after you choose the credit card you want to use, and you?re set.

3. The S-pen:
The spring-loaded S-pen makes it easier than ever for you to take notes on the spur of the moment; the phone launches a note-taking app automatically when you pop the pen out. The pen also makes taking screenshots of long web pages a breeze. No more stop-and-go to snap shots of individual parts of a webpage. The pen enables you to use capture and scroll to create a vertical image tailor-built for editing and zooming.