What You Need to Do Right After Being Fired

FiredWhile being fired packs a painful wallop, one of the best things to do is to start looking for new jobs right away.

Being fired is one of the most devastating events in a person?s life. It doesn?t matter if you saw it coming?it hurts, big time. Many people make their pain worse by behaving irresponsibly in the hours, days and weeks after a firing. While such behavior is understandable, you shouldn?t do it. Instead, stick to the following few tips:

Stay in control
It?s easy and natural to fall to pieces after you?re fired. To yell, scream and cry. While that?s okay to a certain extent, keep your cool in public, and stay professional. Do not treat the firing as personal, even if it is personal. You will need a job reference, and if you run into your co-workers at seminars or related events in the future, you want them to associate you with professionalism. Never go on Facebook or other social media platforms to tear down your employer.

Define yourself

Speaking of staying in control, continue to define yourself. Do not let your firing define you. In other words, you?re not some hopeless loser. Take a few days to regroup, define your positive attributes, outline why any company would be lucky to have you, and devise a plan to move on.

Get back up
The most effective way of avoiding a roller coaster ride is to not get on it in the first place. Start networking and applying for jobs as soon as possible after you?re fired?even the very next day. Doing this gives you a sense of movement, of being proactive.

Be honest
In job interviews and the like, you do need to be truthful that you were fired. Explain the situation succinctly, and how the experience changed (and benefited) you.