What We Can Learn From the World?s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Biz OwnersLessons From Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Going to college for an education is all well and good, but it is not necessarily the ideal place to learn how to be the best business owner. This is because most classes that involve entrepreneurial initiatives are led by tenured professors whose strengths are theory and less so practical experience. Here is a guideline to get you started on learning about the different qualities that are dominant in successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Henry Ford.

  1. They possess self-motivation in abundance. They explore opportunities outside of classrooms and embrace nontraditional means of learning. This supplements a formal education and helps build peer networks?an invaluable resource. Success takes a village, so to speak.
  2. They enjoy risks and challenges and see ?failures? as opportunities to rebuild and do better instead of learning nothing. Passion and belief in their work helps drive them.
  3. They are robust leaders. They are focused on the end goal although getting there means lots of hardships and setbacks. They are trustworthy and work hard, leading by example. Their hard work and ethical qualities gain them respect.
  4. They keep driving to improve and innovate; they don?t get stale. They are ?serial innovators? and are always searching for ways to do things?and do them better. They also realize they have to keep evolving as people and leaders. Their business plans include the improvement of products, services and logistics as a matter of course; anything to increase their profit and grow the business.
  5. They aren?t afraid to admit when they don?t know something. They love asking questions and are curious at heart. They constantly search for insight that helps them do better.
  6. They are competitive?confident but not arrogant. They have to be because the job of entrepreneurship is daunting. Successful business owners must win customers and then keep the business going?or sell it for a profit.